When darkness falls

and all is done,

When the earth has stopped

on its axis spun,

When time is told I’ll be

But one…

Myself as friend and fiend

and lover…

In the chapel pews there

is no other.

When the satin underneath me

is carved in stone,

Then the ground beneath

will be my own.

(This sanctuary I’ll know

as hell)

And no visitor forth

will come,

When all is said and time

has won.


June 8, 1997 (Allan-Lake Ontario)

Let the dragon’s fire

pass your lips,

A thought not spoken

is never heard,

Breathe srengthe from words

The sword is sharp,

But pain is good

and the wound

will heal.

This dungeon in which

you’ve locked your heart,

Turns your blue eyes gray,

and steals your smile.

Ride on the wind…and

walk the clouds.

Escape the fury of

broken dreams.

Laugh the glory with

a fist of ice.

The nights red sky burns for you…


Together we stand, divided we fall..

I propose that at 7:00pm on Thursday 3/19/2020, everyone stop what you are doing and post a prayer, a verse, a song…whatever you feel helps you in troubled times to stay positive; regardless of your religion or background – post whatever comes from you, in your own language…from your heart. Let’s take a pause from the fear and chaos and take a moment, together, to reflect, to be grateful, to ask for healing for everyone in all countries and in all walks of life.

Just a small town girl…

This week, so far, I have closed my eyes and listened to the leaves of the tree in my back yard rustle as the wind made it’s way through them. I have looked up to the sky and saw the most beautiful double rainbow with the most vivid colors I have ever seen. I have laughed across the dinner table with a beautiful friend, I have hugged a friend who was saying goodbye to her mother one last time, I have looked out over the Erie Canal at some of the most beautiful sunsets I ever remember seeing, I have been kissed by my three dogs, and have had to text “I Love You” to my daughter every night now that she is away at school.   It really is usually the smallest, most common places or events that seem to stop us in our tracks and take us a step back so that we can see the whole picture. Thank God for the small town life that brings me so close to everything and everyone I need just when I need it.

This is my hometown…

A day at the races…

This past Father’s Day, I had gotten out of church and was resigned to spend the rest of my day doing yard work.  Even though the weather was completely gorgeous! Things have been non stop with end of school year activities…(especially with this being my daughter’s senior year) and I wanted to try and get caught up on some housework. Father’s day, to me, has always been kind of a “let’s just get through this” type of day. I really can’t even recall the last Father’s Day I spent with my Dad, and to be completely honest; some years – most years – we weren’t even speaking to each other. So, this being my second Father’s Day after my Dad’s death brought on certain feelings…but none that I havn’t  been already wrestling with this whole entire year. Regardless, my plan was to sweat it out and get some yardwork done. On my way home though,  I received a text from a friend of mine; she was at the Culvert Road dirt bike races.  These races have been going on every Sunday of the summer since as far back as I can remember. I decided to go…hadn’t been in years. Packed up some food and some drinks and was on my way! Their truck was parked right at the starting line….and oh how I forgot that feeling, that even  as an onlooker your adrenaline gets pumping when listening to the riders revving their bikes up,  getting ready to be let loose on that track. It’s especially fun when you know the people who are racing! Heading home that evening; covered in dust,  I reflected on how thankful I was to have this in my own town.  Instead of spending a day thinking of death, regret, and past chances, I spent the day laughing, spending time with friends and cheering on the riders. So, if you drive past my house and the lawn isn’t mowed, and the flowers havn’t been planted, and well, it looks like a hot mess…just know that I may be spending a day, down at the races.

This is my hometown…