Just a small town girl…

This week, so far, I have closed my eyes and listened to the leaves of the tree in my back yard rustle as the wind made it’s way through them. I have looked up to the sky and saw the most beautiful double rainbow with the most vivid colors I have ever seen. I have laughed across the dinner table with a beautiful friend, I have hugged a friend who was saying goodbye to her mother one last time, I have looked out over the Erie Canal at some of the most beautiful sunsets I ever remember seeing, I have been kissed by my three dogs, and have had to text “I Love You” to my daughter every night now that she is away at school.   It really is usually the smallest, most common places or events that seem to stop us in our tracks and take us a step back so that we can see the whole picture. Thank God for the small town life that brings me so close to everything and everyone I need just when I need it.

This is my hometown…

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