Casting in the rain…

As the voices in the distance become fewer and fewer, I can feel the rain start to seep through my outer layer. The one good thing about fishing in the rain is you get the stream all to yourself. Standing, waste deep in the river and watching the raindrops dance on the water as it pours down on you, the sky is so gentle, and the trees calming. I look upstream to my past; the once crystal palace has turned into a rain forest, and where there was three there is now only one. Winds that used to roughen my cheeks, now send me kisses enticing me to stay longer. One more cast turns into one more hour and four more flies. I close my eyes and inhale all the world has to offer me; I listen to the “whip” of the fly line, and each cast was like an unkept promise, fighting for a second chance.

This is my hometown…

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