Just begin…

Easy right? To just begin? Well, I have been trying to think of how to begin this blog for weeks. What it should be about, how much of my business I should include. What to call it, how to make it like no other blog out there. And basically, all I really needed to do was to just begin. So, here it is. This is my hometown, Medina, NY, Orleans County…The Big O.C! I was born and raised here, grew up a proud Medina Mustang, repping the Red and Blue on the field hockey field, on the basketball court, and on the softball diamond! Medina is located in what is known as the western region of New York state aka Western New York or “WNY” …on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, right smack dab between Buffalo, NY (to the west) and Rochester, NY (to the east) on the historic Erie Canal. And this area is what my blog will be about. Pictures, thoughts, memories… I love this area, we get a lot of slack because of the well known high New York taxes and what this area of the state has had to fight through in order to survive. But there is no place in the world like WNY, we are independent, loyal, resilient, and hard working, we take care of each other and take control of our future. Our area is run by small businesses who contribute to the growth and stability of their towns. We brave tough winters and know how to enjoy the beauty and music of summer. Revitalization is our middle name and in a time where a nomadic life seems to be required for financial survival, we hunker down and not only get through it but we conquer it and come out all the more stronger. We are about nature, art, music, literature, commerce. We have a strong and proud American History….and you just cannot surpass the beauty of this area. So, with pride I say that this is my home town; and I want to share it with you.

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